Meet Elana

Elana has experienced it all, with past Public Relations career experiences including hospitality and restaurant PR, lifestyle and franchise PR, social media, influencer marketing, event planning, media relations, and crisis communications. With her extensive experience in the public relations industry, she has developed and executed numerous impactful corporate communication programs across a large variety of industries. She holds a B.A. in Public Relations from Hofstra University and has worked in the industry her whole career. 
Elana leaped into the CBD/Cannabis industry by working on upcoming dispensaries and products as medical Cannabis and legalization started to build. She feels the CBD and Cannabis space is an exciting career on many levels: it’s an opportunity to participate in making history and to work with the nation’s premier and largest medical marijuana healthcare and lifestyle companies. Elana thrives on her accomplishments in helping to communicate the benefits of Cannabis.
Elana has made a personal commitment to be an instrumental and educational voice for cannabis patients, advocates, and industry players everywhere.


How Can We Build Your Brand?


Driving Conversations

We focus on connecting your brand to your target audience

We ensure your content is relatable and discoverable

We create content that provide solutions for your clients

How Do We Do This?

We work directly with your creative team to create content and content schedule

We direct funnels to potential clients to become aware and to purchase your product or service

Integration Search & Social

We will track the trends buying behavior of your target audience to make real time decisions to better position your brand
We will consolidate specific data from your target audience and our team will create and effective digital marketing campaign for your brand.

Building Awareness

Consumers are flocking to search engines now instead of using traditional media to learn about new products or to just help them to decide on what they really need. Consumers rely on brands to tell them what they need and this is how our team can make sure your brand is placed strategically on the internet to accommodate the needs of your target audience. We ensure our client brand has a consistent brand messaging that will stand out from their competition and will drive consumers to learn more about your brand, service, or product.

Building Loyalty & Advocacy

Once a consumer has purchased your product, now we would like to keep them engaged and connected to your brand.

We don’t want the lifecycle to end after one purchase. Brands should convert consumers to fans to they will advocate for the brand. It’s always been a saying that “world of mouth” is the best advertisement. The brand now has a community that is following the brand so we want to cultivate the relationship by staying engaged so they will not only re-purchase new products or upgrades, but also you want the community to talk about the brand on social media and be an advocate of the brand. We will continue to keep the community engaged through outreach digital campaigns 

À la Carte Pricing

We recognize how tough it can be financially to launch your project and commit to a 12-month public relations retainer so at Elana Cohen PR we offer a la carte pricing, We can be as flexible as you are.

PR Consultation: We offer a complimentary discovery meeting.

Give us a call at 847-997-4404

Hourly Rate: $25 per hour

Press release writing: $120 for the first 400 words, $20 for every next 100 words (includes two rounds of edits)

Pitching: targeted, personalized pitches: $25 each or $25 per hour

Wire service fee: Starting at $300

Media alert writing: $35 (writing only, does not include distribution)

Media alert/press release distribution: Starts at $300 (includes media list creation, preparation, and distribution)

Online events calendar submissions: $120 

Targeted media list delivered as an Excel document: $150 for every 50 contacts

Byline trade article writing: $3 per word (300-word minimum) Research is $25 per hour

Thought leader article writing: $3 per word (300-word minimum) Research is $25 per hour

Custom crisis communications plan: Starting at $600

Custom strategic communications plan and 6-month editorial calendar: $1,000

Media coaching: $75 per hour 

Online press kit: Starting at $250

Specialized campaigns can include: Pricing varies 

  • Media/Press Kit Creation

  • Creating and Managing Online Newsrooms

  • Business-Related Releases

  • Piggy-Back Releases

  • B-Roll/Video News Releases (VNRs)

  • Webcasts

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Clipping Services

  • Social Networking

  • Ghost Writing

  • Tracking and Reporting

  • Reviewing and Improving SEO Copy

  • Media Tours/Press Conferences

  • Major Press Announcements

  • Routine Press Announcements

  • Feature Story Releases

  • Op-Ed Articles

  • Award Submissions

  • Speaking Opportunities

  • Expert Positioning

  • Analytical Reporting

  • Creating Case Studies

  • Developing Profile Pages

  • Blog Development

  • Media Strategy

  • Media Training

  • Reputation Management


Our Clients


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Health & Wellness Food & Beverage Clients

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Hospitality/Restaurant Clients

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